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Software Campus experience in the DIMA group - An interview with Philipp Grulich

How did you come to learn about the Software Campus executive development program?


During my master studies, I worked as a student research assistant at DIMA and was supervised by Jonas Traub who was also part of the Software Campus.

What are you currently working (or did you work) on in your Software Campus funded project?

In my software campus funded project, we will develop technology to increase the efficiency of modern data processing pipelines. Especially the new trends of machine learning and the internet of things present new challenges for current data processing systems. To this end, our project combines different state-of-the-art technologies from the database as well as compiler research.

What was your experience throughout the entire process from proposal preparation to project finalization?

The software campus is a very well structured project. This helped a lot to navigate through the different requirements of the project application. Now I’m looking forward to finally start the project.

How did DIMA support you in your success with Software Campus?

DIMA has a long history of successful applications to the Software Campus. This helps a lot because you can always ask other Software Campus members or alumni for guidance.  Furthermore, DIMA has already established connections to many industry partners, which helps a lot during the application phase.

How will your involvement in Software Campus help you in your future career?

I think the Software Campus is very important for my career development as it allows me to improve my management and leadership skills. Furthermore, it allows me to build a network with Software Campus members from other Universities.


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