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IMPRO-3: Big Data Analytics Project (BDAPRO)

Format und Leistungspunkte: Projekt (PJ, 6 SWS, 9 ECTS)

Lernziele: In this course you will learn, as part of a system development project, to analyse some current issue in the information management area systematically and to develop and implement a problem-oriented solution as part of a team. You will learn to operate as team member, contribute to project organization, quality assurance and documentation. Overall, the quality of the solution should be proven through analysis, systematic experiments and test cases. Examples of IMPRO projects carried out in recent semesters, are a tool used to analyse Web 2.0 Forum data, an online multiplayer game for mobile phones, implementation and analysis of a new join methods for a cloud computing platform, or the development of data mining operations on the massively parallel system Hadoop as part of the Apache open source project Mahout.

Zielgruppe: Knowledge from the complete Bachelor programme (Informatik or Technische Informatik) is required, as well as experiences in programming and software development. Depending on the topic, additional prerequisites may be required, e.g. „IDB – Implementation of Database Systems“ or “Advanced Modeling” or “Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence”.

Inhalt und Ablauf: When starting the project you will receive a topic as well as some information material. Then the team, with assistance of lecturer, will decide on a project environment with the suitable tools for team work, project communication, development and testing. Then the problem is analysed, modelled and decomposed into individual components, from which the tasks are derived, which are subsequently assigned to smaller teams, or individuals.  At the weekly project meetings, the project team presented the project progress including which milestones were reached and decided on further steps to take with using the feedback of the lecturer. The project is concluded with a final report, a project poster as well as a final presentation with should include a demonstration of the prototype.

Ihre Leistung:


  • Aktive Mitarbeit im Projektteam (Einhaltung aller Meilensteine)
  • Prototyp mit Testfällen
  • Dokumentation
  • Abschlussbericht
  • Projektposter
  • Abschlusspräsentation


[1] T. DeMarco: Spielräume. Hanser Verlag 2001 [2] T. De Marco: Der Termin, Hanser Verlag 1998 [3] M. Karmasin, R. Ribing: Die Gestaltung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten, UTB 2009 [4] H. W. Wieczorrek, P. Mertens: Management von IT-Projekten, Springer 2007 [5] H. Garcia-Molina, J. Ullman, J. Widom: Database Systems – The Complete Book, Pearson 2009 More, project specific, literature will be announced in the first lecture.

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