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IDBPRA: Lab Course “Database Internals & Scalable Data Processing”

Format and Credit: Lab Course (Praktikum) (PR, 4 SWS, 6 ECTS)

Goals: In this lab course you will learn how to implement components of a database system as described in the IDB_VL course. You will create a working SQL query processor that can answer a set of basic queries.

Audience: This course is offered in combination with the IDB_VL course and can only be attended in conjunction with that course. The requirements for participating in the course are therefore identical to the requirements of IDB_VL. In particular, knowledge of data modeling, relational algebra, and SQL as well as a very good command of Java, or possibly C/C++/C#, programming is required to participate in the course. Knowledge of software development tools (Eclipse, debugger, SVN) will be useful.

Content: Students will be split up in project teams who under guided self control will get a hands­-on experience on implementing components of a database system in a robust and scaleable way. The actual components implemented may vary each year, but will include parsing, query optimizer, execution engine, index structures and storage system.

Your Contribution:


  • Successful completion of all milestones
  • Regular status presentations
  • Final report/documentation


[1] Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Jennifer Widom: Database Systems - The Complete Book, Pearson Education International, 2002.



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