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Verbreitung von Forschungsergebnissen

The following open-source projects have come out of the DIMA group at TU Berlin.



Emma is a quotation-based Scala DSL that enables holistic optimizations of data flow programs for scalable data analysis on Apache Flink and Spark.




Flink / Stratosphere


"Apache Flink" [1] is a stream-processing framework for distributed, high-performing, always-available, and accurate data streaming applications. It originated from the joined research project "Stratosphere" [2], funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). After a successful incubator phase, Flink graduated to a top-level project of the Apache Foundation [3] and became one of the most important and promising projects within the Apache Big Data Stack. Flink has a big and lively community, numerous well-known users, such as Zalando, Alibaba, and Netflix, and features it's own annually conference "FlinkForward" [4] taking place in Berlin and San Francisco.

[1] https://flink.apache.org

[2] http://stratosphere.eu/

[3] https://www.apache.org/

[4] https://flink-forward.org/



Peel is a framework that helps you to define, execute, analyze, and share experiments for distributed systems and algorithms. A Peel package bundles together the configuration data, datasets, and workload applications required for the execution of a particular collection of experiments. Peel bundles can be largely decoupled from the underlying operational environment and easily migrated and reproduced to new environments.​




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