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Supporting Software Language Engineering by Automated Domain Knowledge Acquisition
Zitatschl├╝ssel DBLP:conf/models/Agt11
Autor Henning Agt
Buchtitel Models in Software Engineering Workshops and Symposia at the 14th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, MoDELS 2011, Wellington, New Zealand, October 16-21, 2011.
Seiten 4-11
Jahr 2012
ISBN 978-3-642-29644-4
Ort Wellington, New Zealand
Jahrgang 7167
Verlag Springer
Serie Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
Zusammenfassung In model-driven engineering, domain-specific languages (DSLs) play an important role in providing well-defined environments for modeling different aspects of a system. Detailed knowledge of the application domain as well as expertise in language engineering is required to create new languages. This research work proposes automated knowledge acquisition to support language engineers in early language development phases. We describe an iterative approach in which DSL development benefits from formalized knowledge sources and information extraction from text supporting domain analysis and metamodel construction. We show how the acquired knowledge is used to guide language engineers and how knowledge acquisition is adapted according to modeling decisions.
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