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Big Data Platforms for Data Analytics
Zitatschlüssel DBLP:reference/db/MarklBZW018
Autor Volker Markl, Vinayak R. Borkar, Matei Zaharia, Till Westmann, Alexander Alexandrov
Jahr 2018
Journal Encyclopedia of Database Systems, Second Edition
Verlag Springer
Zusammenfassung Due to the volume, velocity, and variety of data now coming from the Web, social media, and personal devices, the analysis of “Big Data” has become a priority. A number of software platforms have been developed to support the analysis of massive data sets using clusters of computers working in parallel. These platforms fall into two categories: those based on the relational data model and its SQL query language, and those with more flexible data models and query languages tailored to less rigidly structured data. The latter category is referred to here as Big Data Platforms. (SQL analytics on Big Data are covered separately.)
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