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Interactive Visualization of High­-Velocity Event Streams
Zitatschlüssel JugelM2012
Autor Uwe Jugel, Volker Markl
Seiten 66-71
Jahr 2012
Journal PhD Workshop@VLDB 12
Zusammenfassung Today, complex event processing systems enable real-time analysis of high-velocity event streams. Considering their efficiency for high-speed data analytics, they provide a promising basis for real-time visualization. However, a CEP system has to deal with several streaming-specific problems when being used for modern, web-based visualizations. Such visualizations do not only consume streaming data in real-time, but should also provide advanced, interactive exploration options, run on mobile devices, and scale efficiently for mass user applications. In this paper, I define three core challenges for CEP systems regarding interactive, real-time visualization for future web applications. Within my PhD work, I want to meet those challenges by investigating (1) Interactivity Operators, solving problems with long running queries, (2) backend-powered Visualization Operators, relieving mobile devices of rendering duties, and (3) Multi-User Visualization Pipelines that avoid redundant data processing when serving visualizations to thousands of event stream consumers.
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