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Multi-Level Alignments As An Extensible Representation Basis for Textual Entailment Algorithms
Zitatschlüssel NohPSDNEKA15
Autor Tae-Gil Noh; Sebastian Padó; Vered Shwartz; Ido Dagan; Vivi Nastase; Kathrin Eichler; Lili Kotlerman; Meni Adler
Jahr 2015
Journal Proceedings of *SEM 2015. Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM-15), located at NAACL 2015
Zusammenfassung A major problem in research on Textual Entailment (TE) is the high implementation effort for TE systems. Recently, interoperable standards for annotation and preprocessing have been proposed. In contrast, the algorithmic level remains unstandardized, which makes compo- nent re-use in this area very difficult in practice. In this paper, we introduce multi-level alignments as a central, powerful representation for TE algorithms that encourages modular, reusable, multilingual algorithm development. We demonstrate that a pilot open-source implementation of multi-level alignment with minimal features competes with state-of-the- art open-source TE engines in three languages.
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