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Uwe Jugel, Volker Markl (2012). Interactive Visualization of High­Velocity Event Streams. PhD Workshop@VLDB 12, 66-71.

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Christoph Boden, Alexander Alexandrov, Andreas Kunft, Tilmann Rabl, Volker Markl (2017). PEEL: A Framework for benchmarking distributed systems and algorithms. Ninth TPC Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation & Benchmarking (TPCTC 2017) @VLDB 2017


Christoph Boden, Tilmann Rabl, Volker Markl (2017). Distributed Machine Learning - but at what COST?. ML Systems Workshop@ NIPS2017

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Wook-Shin Han, Jaehwa Kim, Byung Suk Lee, Yufei Tao, Ralf Rantzau, Volker Markl (2009). Cost-Based Predictive Spatiotemporal Join. Journal IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering., 220-233.

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Andreas Kunft Alexander Alexandrov Asterios Katsifodimos Volker Markl (2016). Bridging the Gap: Towards Optimization Across Linear and Relational Algebra. International Workshop on Algorithms and Systems for MapReduce and Beyond (BeyondMR), in conjunction with SIGMOD/PODS in San Francisco

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Philipp M. Grulich, René Saitenmacher, Jonas Traub, Sebastian Breß, Tilmann Rabl, Volker Markl (2018). Scalable Detection of Concept Drifts on Data Streams with Parallel Adaptive Windowing. International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT 2018). 2018, 477-480.

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Katrin Eisenreich, Jochen Adamek, Philipp Rösch, Volker Markl, Gregor Hackenbroich (2012). Correlation Support for Risk Evaluation in Databases.. International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE).

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Jonas Traub Philipp Grulich Alejandro Rodríıguez Cuéllar Sebastian Breß Asterios Katsifodimos Tilmann Rabl Volker Markl (2018). Scotty: Efficient Window Aggregation for out-of-order Stream Processing. International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2018), 1300-1303.

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