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Heatflip: Temporal-Spatial Sampling for Progressive Heat Maps on Social Media Data
Citation key StoehrMMBKC018
Author Niklas Stoehr, Johannes Meyer, Volker Markl, Qiushi Bai, Taewoo Kim, De-Yu Chen, Chen Li
Pages 3723-3732
Year 2018
Journal BigData 2018
Abstract Keyword-based heat maps are a natural way to explore and analyze the spatial properties of social media data. Dealing with large datasets, there may be many different keywords, making offline pre-computations very hard. Interactive frameworks that exploit database sampling can address this challenge. We present a novel middleware technique called Heatflip, which issues diametrically opposed samples into the temporal and spatial dimensions of the data stored in an external database. Spatial samples provide insights into the temporal distribution and vice versa. The progressive exploration approach benefits from adaptive indexing and combines the retrieval and visualization of the data in a middleware layer. Without any a priori knowledge of the underlying data, the middleware can generate accurate heat maps in 85% shorter processing times than conventional systems. In this paper, we discuss the analytical background of Heatflip, showcase its scalability, and validate its performance when visualizing large amounts of social media data.
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