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Klemens Muthmann, Wojciech M. Barczynski, Falk Brauer, Alexander Löser (2009). Near-duplicate detection for web-forums. IDEAS '09. Proceedings of the 2009 International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium, 142-151.

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Johannes Kirschnick and Alan Akbik and Holmer Hemsen (2014). Freepal: A Large Collection of Deep Lexico-Syntactic Patterns for Relation Extraction. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2014), Reykjavik, Iceland, May 26-31, 2014., 2071–2075.

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Johannes Kirschnick and Torsten Kilias and Holmer Hemsen and Alexander Löser and Peter Adolphs and Heiko Ehrig and Holger Düwiger (2014). A Marketplace for Web Scale Analytics and Text Annotation Services. COLING 2014, 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Proceedings of the Conference System Demonstrations, August 23-29, 2014, Dublin, Ireland, 100–104.

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Torsten Kilias and Alexander Löser and Periklis Andritsos (2015). INDREX: In-database relation extraction. Inf. Syst., 124–144.

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Katrin Eisenreich, Jochen Adamek, Philipp Rösch, Volker Markl, Gregor Hackenbroich (2012). Correlation Support for Risk Evaluation in Databases.. International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE).

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Kathrin Eichler, Feiyu Xu, Hans Uszkoreit, Leonhard Hennig, Sebastian Krause (2016). TEG-REP: A Corpus of Textual Entailment Graphs based on Relation Extraction Patterns. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-16)

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Tomas Karnagel and Matthias Hille and Mario Ludwig and Dirk Habich and Wolfgang Lehner and Max Heimel and Volker Markl (2014). Demonstrating efficient query processing in heterogeneous environments. International Conference on Management of Data, SIGMOD 2014, Snowbird, UT, USA, June 22-27, 2014, 693–696.

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Vasiliki Kalavri and Stephan Ewen and Kostas Tzoumas and Vladimir Vlassov and Volker Markl and Seif Haridi (2014). Asymmetry in Large-Scale Graph Analysis, Explained. Second International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences and Systems, GRADES 2014, co-loated with SIGMOD/PODS 2014, Snowbird, Utah, USA, June 22, 2014

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Uwe Jugel and Zbigniew Jerzak and Gregor Hackenbroich and Volker Markl (2014). M4: A Visualization-Oriented Time Series Data Aggregation. PVLDB, 797–808.

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Uwe Jugel and Zbigniew Jerzak and Gregor Hackenbroich and Volker Markl (2014). Faster Visual Analytics through Pixel-Perfect Aggregation. PVLDB, 1705–1708.

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