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The BIZWARE Research Project
Citation key henning-agt-bizware-models-2012-1
Author Henning Agt and Ralf-Detlef Kutsche and Nicole Natho and Yuexiao Li
Title of Book Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems - Exhibition Track, 15th International Conference, MODELS 2012, Innsbruck, Austria, Sept. 30 - Oct. 05, 2012
Year 2012
Location Innsbruck, Austria
Abstract BIZWARE is a three-years research collaboration of two academic partners with eight software SMEs in different domains like healthcare, manufacturing/production, finance/insurance, publishing and facility management. To investigate the different requirements arising from different domains, abstracting them into a general methodology, and then providing flexible domain support by dedicated domain specific languages (DSLs) under a general roof of joint meta-DSL framework and the combination of different DSL paradigms is the research perspective of this project.
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