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Agora: Bringing Together Datasets, Algorithms, Models and More in a Unified Ecosystem [Vision] [28]

Jonas Traub, Zoi Kaoudi, Jorge-Arnulfo Quiané-Ruiz, Volker Markl

SIGMOD Record 2021

Download Bibtex entry [29]

The Power of Nested Parallelism in Big Data Processing – Hitting Three Flies with One Slap [30]

Gábor E. Gévay, Jorge-Arnulfo Quiané-Ruiz, Volker Markl


Download Bibtex entry [31]

COCOA: COrrelation COefficient-Aware Data Augmentation [32]

Mahdi Esmailoghli, Jorge-Arnulfo Quiané-Ruiz, Ziawash Abedjan

EDBT 2021

Download Bibtex entry [33]

Efficient Control Flow in Dataflow Systems: When Ease-of-Use Meets High Performance [34]

Gábor E. Gévay, Tilmann Rabl, Sebastian Breß, Loránd Madai-Tahy, Jorge-Arnulfo Quiané-Ruiz, Volker Markl

ICDE 2021

Download Bibtex entry [35]

Automatic Tuning of Read-Time Tolerances for Optimized On-Demand Data-Streaming from Sensor Nodes [36]

Julius Hülsmann, Chaio Yun, Jonas Traub, Volker Markl

EDBT 2021

Download Bibtex entry [37]

AdCom: Adaptive Combiner for Streaming Aggregations [38]

Felipe Gutierrez, Kaustubh Beedkar, Abel Souza, Volker Markl

EDBT 2021

Download Bibtex entry [39]

Automating Data Quality Validation for Dynamic Data Ingestion [40]

Sergey Redyuk, Zoi Kaoudi, Volker Markl, Sebastian Schelter

EDBT 2021

Download Bibtex entry [41]

The Case for Distance-Bounded Spatial Approximations [42]

Eleni Tzirita Zacharatou, Andreas Kipf, Ibrahim Sabek, Varun Pandey, Harish Doraiswamy, Volker Markl

CIDR 2021

Download Bibtex entry [43]

Agora-EO: A Unified Ecosystem for Earth Observation – A Vision for Boosting EO Data Literacy – [44]

Arne de Wall, Björn Deiseroth, Eleni Tzirita Zacharatou, Jorge-Arnulfo Quiane-Ruiz, Begüm Demir, Volker Markl

BiDS 2021

Download Bibtex entry [45]

Fast CSV Loading Using GPUs and RDMA for In-Memory Data Processing [46]

Alexander Kumaigorodski, Clemens Lutz, Volker Markl

BTW 2021

Download Bibtex entry [47]

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