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Henning Agt (2012). SemAcom: A System for Modeling with Semantic Autocompletion. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems - Demo Track, 15th International Conference, MODELS 2012, Innsbruck, Austria, Sept. 30 - Oct. 05, 2012

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Henning Agt (2012). Supporting Software Language Engineering by Automated Domain Knowledge Acquisition. Models in Software Engineering Workshops and Symposia at the 14th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, MoDELS 2011, Wellington, New Zealand, October 16-21, 2011.. Springer, 4-11.

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Stephan Ewen, Kostas Tzoumas, Moritz Kaufmann, Volker Markl (2012). Spinning Fast Iterative Data Flows. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB),, 1268-1279.

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Alexander Alexandrov, Kostas Tzoumas, Volker Markl (2012). Myriad: Scalable and Expressive Data Generation.. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 1890-1893.

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Michael Saecker, Volker Markl (2012). Big Data Analytics on Modern Hardware Architectures: A Technology Survey.. eBISS, European Business Intelligence Summer School, Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP)

Katrin Eisenreich, Jochen Adamek, Philipp Rösch, Volker Markl, Gregor Hackenbroich (2012). Correlation Support for Risk Evaluation in Databases.. International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE).

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Enno Folkerts, Alexander Alexandrov, Kai Sachs, Alexandru Iosup, Volker Markl, Cafer Tosun (2012). Benchmarking in the Cloud: What It Should, Can, and Cannot Be. Selected Topics in Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking, Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS), TPCTC 2012, 173-188.

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Max Heimel, Volker Markl (2012). A First Step Towards GPU-assisted Query Optimization. ADMS@VLDB, 33-44.

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Alan Akbik, Larysa Visengeriyeva, Priska Herger, Holmer Hemsen, Alexander Löser (2012). Unsupervised Discovery of Relations and Discriminative Extraction Patterns.. Proceedings of COLING 2012., 17-32.


Alexandrov, Alexander and Schiefer, Berni and Poelman, John and Ewen, Stephan and Bodner, Thomas and Markl, Volker (2011). Myriad - Parallel Data Generation on Shared-Nothing Architectures. Proceedings of the First Workshop on Architectures and Systems for Big Data (ASBD)

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