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Akbik Alan Julinda Silvia Boden Christoph (2014). Extracting a Repository of Events and Event References from News Clusters. Association for Computational Linguistics, S. 49-53.

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Schubotz Moritz; Aizawa Akiko; Kohlhase Michael; Ounis Iadh (2014). Math-2 Task Overview. Proceedings of the 11th NTCIR Conference, 88-98.

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Schelter, Sebastian and Ewen, Stephan and Tzoumas, Kostas and Markl, Volker (2013). “All Roads Lead to Rome:” Optimistic Recovery for Distributed Iterative Data Processing. Proceedings of the ACM conference on Information and Knowledge Management} year={2013

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Schelter, Sebastian and Boden, Christoph and Schenck, Martin and Alexandrov, Alexander and Markl, Volker (2013). Distributed matrix factorization with MapReduce using a series of broadcast-joins. Proceedings of the 7th ACM conference on Recommender systems, 281–284.

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Max Heimel and Michael Saecker and Holger Pirk and Stefan Manegold and Volker Markl (2013). Hardware-Oblivious Parallelism for In-Memory Column-Stores. PVLDB, 709-720.

Marcus Leich and Jochen Adamek and Moritz Schubotz and Arvid Heise and Astrid Rheinländer and Volker Markl (2013). Applying Stratosphere for Big Data Analytics. BTW, 507-510.

Sebastian Schelter and Stephan Ewen and Kostas Tzoumas and Volker Markl (2013). "All roads lead to Rome": optimistic recovery for distributed iterative data processing. CIKM, 1919-1928.

Fabian Hueske and Mathias Peters and Aljoscha Krettek and Matthias Ringwald and Kostas Tzoumas and Volker Markl and Johann-Christoph Freytag (2013). Peeking into the optimization of data flow programs with MapReduce-style UDFs. ICDE, 1292-1295.

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