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Eleventh Data Science and Engineering Master’s Track Certificate Issued

Indrayani Winata receiving her data science and engineering track certificate.

Congratulations to Indrayani Winata for having earned her Master’s degree in Information Systems Management and for becoming the eleventh student to have received a Data Science and Engineering Track Certificate at TU Berlin. As of February 1st, she has joined the Center of Excellence for Data Analytics at Deutsche Bank as a Data Scientist. We wish her all the best!

The Data Science and Engineering (DSE) Track is a specialization area, which enables TU Berlin Master’s computer science and information systems management students to receive a certificate that demonstrates their competence in DSE. To be awarded a certificate, students must have completed 90 ECTS, distributed as follows:

·        24 ECTS in data analytics courses,

·        18 ECTS in scalable data management courses,

·        06 ECTS in a domain specific application course,

·        09 ECTS in a data science and engineering-oriented project course,

·        03 ECTS in a data science and engineering-oriented seminar,

·        30 ECTS in a data science and engineering-oriented Master’s thesis topic.

Today, there are over 170 Master’s students at TU Berlin who aim to complete the DSE track. To learn more about the DSE specialization visit our webpage and download the latest Guidance Document at https://www.analytics.tu-berlin.de/data_analytics_lab/data_science_and_engineering_track/.

Students are encouraged to reach out to Juan Soto (juan dot soto at tu-berlin dot de) for guidance. In addition, they should add themselves to the official course page to obtain the latest information about the track: https://isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=16781.

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