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Monday, 15. September 2014

DIMA colleagues at VLDB 2014
best paper awards at VLDB 2014
Uwe Jugel and Marcus Leich at VLDB 2014

This year’s VLDB conference took place in Hangzhou, China. For DIMA, this particular conference was a major success. Accompanying Prof. Markl, in attendance, there were four graduate students (Max Heimel, Marie Hoffmann, Uwe Jugel, Marcus Leich), one postdoc (Asterios Katsifodimos), and a soon to be postdoc (starting October 2014), Chen Xu. Overall, the group presented two full research papers, one journal paper, two demo papers, and two workshop papers. Below we list some highlights:

  • Prof. Markl was invited to give a keynote together with SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner. In his keynote, Prof. Markl stressed the need for a declarative data analysis language that supports deep analysis and scalable execution [8].
  • In the Research Track, Asterios Katsifodimos presented his work on resource efficient data dissemination; work he did jointly with peers from IBM Almaden and INRIA [1].
  • Uwe Jugel (jointly with colleagues from SAP Dresden) presented his research paper on M4, a fast data visualization approach [2]. He also demonstrated the M4 prototype in a demo session [3]. For his work on efficient visualization of very large data sets, Uwe received a VLDB Best Paper Award.
  • Max Heimel demonstrated Ocelot/HyPE, an adaptive database system for hetero-genous hardware, which was created jointly with researchers from TU Dortmund, Parstream, and the University of Magdeburg [4].
  • Marie Hoffmann presented her work on parallel data generation with composite keys at the TPCTC workshop [5].
  • Marcus Leich introduced his work on debugging techniques for distributed data processing programs at VLDB’s PhD workshop [6]. Additionally, Marcus received a VLDB PhD Workshop Best Paper Award.
  • In the poster session, group members presented a VLDB journal paper on Stratosphere (now Apache Flink); work that was carried out jointly with colleagues from HU Berlin and HPI Potsdam [7].



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  8. Volker Markl: Breaking the Chains: On Declarative Data Analysis and Data Independence in the Big Data Era. PVLDB 7(13): 1730-1733 (2014).


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