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Four Publications Accepted at EDBT 2021

Researchers in the Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) Group at TU Berlin and the Intelligent Analytics for Massive Data (IAM) Research Department at DFKI will hold talks on diverse data management topics at the 24th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT 2021). EDBT is a leading international conference on data management methods and will take place in the week of March 23 – 26, 2021.

The four talks are based on the following publications.

1)     The research paper “Automating Data Quality Validation for Dynamic Data Ingestion,” authored by Sergey Redyuk, Zoi Kaoudi, Volker Markl and Sebastian Schelter presents a data-centric approach to automatic validation of data quality.

> Preprint “Automating Data Quality Validation for Dynamic Data Ingestion” [PDF]

2)     The short paper “COCOA: COrrelation COefficient-Aware Data Augmentation,” authored by Mahdi Esmailoghli, Jorge Arnulfo Quiane Ruiz and Ziawasch Abedjan presents an index structure that greatly accelerates rank-based correlation calculation, like it is often needed in Machine Learning.

> Preprint “COCOA: COrrelation COefficient-Aware Data Augmentation” [PDF]

3)     In their short paper “AdCom: Adaptive Combiner for Streaming Aggregations,” Felipe Gutierrez, Kaustubh Beedkar, Abel Souza and Volker Markl propose AdCom, an adaptive combiner for data stream engines.

> Preprint “AdCom: Adaptive Combiner for Streaming Aggregations” [PDF]

4)     In the short paper “Automatic Tuning of Read-Time Tolerances for Optimized On-Demand Data-Streaming from Sensor Nodes,” Julius Hülsmann, Chiao-Yun Li, Jonas Traub and Volker Markl propose a solution to automatically set and tune read-time tolerances to reduce sensor readings and data transmissions on sensor nodes in the IoT.

> Preprint ”Automatic Tuning of Read-Time Tolerances for Optimized On-Demand Data-Streaming from Sensor Nodes” [PDF]

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