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DIMA supports innovative, entrepreneurially minded students through a mentorship program, in conjunction with the Gründungsservice of TU Berlin and the EXIST funding program. Volker Markl acts as mentor for start-ups in the areas of database systems and information management.

The following start-ups are mentored and advised by Volker Markl.


The startup company dataArtisans (today, Ververica) was founded by Volker Markl and former members of his DIMA Research Group: Postdoctoral Researcher Kostas Tzoumas, PhD students Stephan Ewen and Fabian Hüske, as well as Master’s students Robert Metzger, Aljoscha Krettek, and Ufuk Celebi. While at TU Berlin, they conducted research in the Stratosphere Research Project (http://stratosphere.eu/) and collectively created the Stratosphere big data analytics system that would later go on to become Apache Flink.

Today, Flink is an open-source distributed stream processing framework that builds on a thriving and growing community of code contributors and users that enjoys strong support from over 26000 meetup members worldwide (https://www.meetup.com/topics/apache-flink/). Flink’s stateful stream processing capabilities are highly scalable and fault-tolerant. Flink programs can be written in Java, Scala, Python, or SQL -and- automatically compiled and optimized into dataflow programs that are executed in either a cluster or cloud environment.

After a successful incubator phase in 2014, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced in January 2015 that Flink had graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a Top-level Project (https://blogs.apache.org/foundation/entry/the_apache_software_foundation_announces69). This announcement propelled Flink to become one of the most important projects within the ASF’s big data systems stack. Consequently, Flink was widely adopted by notable industry players, including Alibaba, eBay, Netflix, Research Gate, Uber, and Zalando, due to its ability to analyze big data in real-time.

In late 2018, dataArtisans was acquired by Alibaba and has since changed its name to Ververica. The new company offers the Ververica Platform, which enables high-throughput and low-latency solutions for event-driven applications. For more information visit them at: https://www.ververica.com/.


Founded in 2008 by Jörg Bienert and Michael Hummer, ParStream was a German startup that created an in-memory data processing system capable of providing real-time business intelligence queries on large datasets. Volker Markl served on the ParStream Advisory Board and his student Michael Säcker was a member of the ParStream team.
After its launch, ParStream soon attracted numerous investors. ParStream’s massively-parallel real-time data analytics platform was especially suited for the emerging IoT market and earned numerous accolades, including CIO Magazine's #1 Big Data Startup, Gartner Cool Vendor and Database Trends, and Applications Magazine’s Trend-Setting Products. Consequently, ParStream was acquired by Cisco in 2016 due to its suitability for IoT environments, to handle massive volumes of data no matter where the data is in the network, including at the edge and its distinctly small footprint using innovative compression and indexing capabilities to help customers' access data faster and at scale, analyzing and filtering billions of records instantly and getting information in near real-time.


Finding tailored gift recommendations simple & fast with Surpreso!

Since April 2013 Surpreso is funded by the EXIST Business Start-Up Grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

The team consists of the three members: Christoph Nagel, Stephan Pieper and Jochen Schneider. Christoph and Stephan studied Computer Science at the TU Berlin, additionally they worked at DIMA and got a Master of Science degree. Jochen studied Business and earned a Diploma degree from the University of Hohenheim. The team develops an application to revolutionize the gift finding process with the help of social recommendation systems.

Thanks to our connection to large customer databases like Facebook or Twitter, Surpreso has developed an online gift recommendation service that offers more convenience for web users finding the right gift easily and quickly.

The user no longer has the obligation to provide information about the gift recipient manually but can instead use an automatic alternative via
Facebook Login. In this case, Surpreso can offer him suitable presents for all his Facebook friends. The database information is enriched by similarity calculations both between each Facebook user and between each Surpreso App user as well as user input and online behaviour data. Surpreso works commission-based as an agent between web users and selected retailers.

At the moment Surpreso leverages 70 retailers with a broad product range.


Spacedeck enables teams to collaborate visually. Within our digital Spaces users can create concepts and ideas effortlessly and share their work with colleagues or friends in real time. To organize projects and access rights Spacedeck offers folders structures.


aklamio rewards people for a social activity they spontaneously do in everyday life: recommending products to friends. Users earn money every time their sharing activity on Facebook, Twitter & Co. generates a valid sale. They can then choose to keep the money, share it with their friends or donate it to charity. 

For further information see the aklamio Website http://www.aklamio.com/

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