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Welcome to DIMA at TU Berlin

The DIMA Team [1]

Lupe [2]

A lively group of researchers, administrators, and entrepreneurs.

DIMA at VLDB 2021 [3]

DIMA - Team
Lupe [4]

Great DIMA presence at the leading data management conference.

AI institute BIFOLD established in Berlin [5]

Lupe [6]

The AI Competence Centers BBDC and BZML merge into the new beacon project BIFOLD.

Sundar Pichai visited TU Berlin [7]

Lupe [8]

Prof. Volker Markl and Google CEO Sundar Pichai discussed Artificial Intelligence.

From Student to IT Executive [9]

Lupe [10]

DIMA supports students' career plans via the Software Campus Program.

Attention: You can find the new website of DIMA Group at https://www.tu.berlin/dima

Attention: You can find the new english website of DIMA Group at https://www.tu.berlin/en/dima [11]

DIMA Course Offerings for the Winter Term 2022/23

For details on DIMA course offerings, schedules and registration methods for the Winter Term 2022/23, please read the DIMA Course Offerings page here: www.tu.berlin/en/dima/teaching/winterterm-2022-2023-course-offerings [12]

Latest News

  • 12.09.2022 DIMA course offerings for the WS 2022-2023 term [13]
  • 29.08.22 16.00 Uhr BIFOLD Research Colloquium "Research at the intersection of artificial intelligence, social sciences & humanities" by Andrea Hamm and Martin Schüßler, Weizenbaum Institute

  • ACM SIGMOD 2022 Reproducibility badge
  • 08/08/2022 4:15pm BIFOLD Research Colloquium: "The New DBfication of ML/AI" [14]Arun Kumar (University of California) [15]

  • ICDE 2022 Best Demo Award at ICDE 2022
  • The paper „Materialization and Reuse Optimizations for Production Data  Science Pipelines“ has been accepted for publication at SIGMOD
  • 04/04/2022: 3:00 pm. "Intelligent Data Assistants: Democratizing Data Access" by Georgia Koutrika (Athena Research Center Greece)
  • 28/02/2022: 4:30 pm. BIFOLD Colloquium: "State Management in Cloud-Native Streaming Systems" by Yingjun Wu (Singularity Data)
  • The Paper "Efficient Specialized Spreadsheet Parsing for Data Science" was Accepted for Presentation at DOLAP 2022 [16]
  • 24/01/2022: 4:00 pm. BIFOLD Colloquium: "The evolution of Apache Kafka" (Jun Rao, Confluent) [17]
  • 14/02/2022: 4:00 pm. BIFOLD Colloquium: "Apache Flink - From Academia into the Apache Software Foundation and Beyond" (Fabian Hüske, Snowflake) [18]
  • 06/01/2022: 2 pm - 2:30 pm. BIFOLD Research Talk: "Darwin: Scale-In Stream Processing" (Lawrence Benson, HPI) [19]

  • Three DIMA Papers Accepted for Presentation at SIGMOD 2022 [20]

  • [postponed] BIFOLD Colloquium: "Storing and Analyzing Viral Sequences through Data-driven Genomic Computing" (Prof. Stefano Ceri, Politecnico di Milano)

> Past postings [22] in the old newsfeed.

More Highlights

„European Data Sovereignty is a critical success factor“ [23]

Prof. Dr. Volker Markl
Lupe [24]

On March 23, 2021, 09:00-12:00 CET, the European Committee Artificial intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA) organized a hearing on “AI and Competitiveness”. BIFOLD Co-Director Prof. Dr. Volker Markl was invited to give an initial intervention for the second panel on “How to build a competitive and innovative AI sector? What are EU enterprises challenges in entering AI markets, by developing and adopting competitive AI solutions?”

A Workshop on Freedom and Responsibility in the IT-Sciences [25]

Lupe [26]

Prof. Volker Markl offered a presentation "Benefits and Potential Risks in Data Analytics Research" at the the Freedom and Responsibility in IT Sciences Leopoldina Workshop.

TU Berlin & DFKI Database Systems Researchers Receive SIGMOD 2020 Best Paper Award [27]

Database systems researchers at TU Berlin and DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) were highly successful this year. Four of their papers were accepted at the 2020 ACM SIGMOD/PODS International Conference on the Management of Data. And, in particular, one of the paper’s received the 2020 ACM SIGMOD Best Paper Award. The paper entitled “Pump Up the Volume: Processing Large Data on GPUs with Fast Interconnects,” by Clemens Lutz, Sebastian Breß, Steffen Zeuch, Tilmann Rabl (now at HPI), and Volker Markl explores the use of GPUs to accelerate database query processing.

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Database Systems and Information Management
Faculty EECS (IV)
sec. E-N 7
Room E-N 728
Einsteinufer 17
10587 Berlin
+49 30 314 23555
Fax +49 30 314 21601
e-mail query [28]
Office Hours:
mon, tue, thu
10 - 12
Office closed: wed, fri

Appointments / General Inquiries

To request an
appointment or for
general inquiries,
please contact:

sekr@dima.tu-berlin.de [29]

Student Advisory Service

Juan Soto
Monday 01:30-02:30 pm
(by appointment)
Phone: +49 30 31423551

e-mail query [30]

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